James C. Stallings has served as the GEMA/HS Director since September 1, 2020.

Mike Smith

Chief of Staff

Mike Smith was appointed as the Chief of Staff on September 1, 2020.

Thomas Moore

Deputy Director, Emergency Management

Thomas Moore serves as the Deputy Director of Emergency Management at GEMA/HS. In this position, he oversees the emergency management, operational response, logistics and planning units of the agency.

Harlan Proveaux

Deputy Director, Homeland Security

Harlan Proveaux serves as Deputy Director of Homeland Security at GEMA/HS. In this position, he oversees the Homeland Security Division which includes; operations, intelligence, critical infrastructure as well as the training and exercise units of the agency.

Valarie Grooms

Deputy Director, Recovery

Valarie Grooms serves as the GEMA/HS Deputy Director of Recovery Division. In this position, she oversees the Community Recovery, Hazard Mitigation and Public Assistance Departments for the agency.

J. Mark Sexton

Deputy Director, Programs & Finance

Mark Sexton joined GEMA/HS in January 2017 and currently serves as Deputy Director of Programs and Finance.