Homeland Security

Due to the ever-increasing needs of terrorism preparedness, the Homeland Security Division has grown in personnel and programs. Services include critical infrastructure analysis, homeland security incident management and response, fire services coordination, agroterrorism preparedness, exercise and training, intelligence gathering and analysis, and homeland security grant services.

The Homeland Security Division has also partnered with other state agencies through the Board of Homeland Security, Homeland Security Task Force and Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center to ensure a smooth and effective terrorism response capability.

We also work closely with our federal partners that include the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate funding, training, response and preparedness programs. The Homeland Security Division is dedicated to meeting the challenges of the future to provide a safe and well-coordinated response for the citizens of Georgia.

Board of Homeland Security

The Board of Homeland Security, created in 2018, is governed by a 17 member board appointed by the Governor that is comprised of state, local, and private sector leaders dedicated to coordinating homeland security activities in Georgia. The Board meets quarterly. The dates and locations of the Board meetings will be posted on the GEMA/HS website.

The mission of the Board of Homeland Security is to advise, strategize, coordinate, and plan for homeland security matters throughout the State.

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