Before, during and after a disaster, GEMA/HS works with local, state, federal, volunteer and private agencies to coordinate effective response.

State Operations Center

The State Operations Center (SOC) is a Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) used by state, federal, local and volunteer agencies, as well as private sector organizations to respond to disasters or emergencies that require a coordinated state response. It also includes the state's 24 hour warning point.

The SOC is organized using a combination of National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) organizational components and the Emergency Support Function(ESF) structure prescribed by the National Response Framework(NRF). The organizational structure of the SOC consists of an Event Manager, command staff, general staff, and ESFs organized into functional branches.The ESFs are staffed by appropriate State agencies who have been assigned this responsibility pursuant to an Executive Order issued by the Governor and included in the Download this pdf file. Georgia Emergency Operations Plan (GEOP).

The SOC functions at an active monitoring level 24 hours a day. During normal operations it is staffed by a full-time cadre assigned to the GEMA/HS Operations Division. This cadre includes a 24-hour communications center (State Warning Point) as well as operations, logistics and communications staff members who are augmented with 24-hour on-call Duty Officer coverage. The level of activation may be increased to a partial or full activation at the discretion of the Governor, the GEMA/HS Director or his designated staff.

State Warning Point

The mission of the State Warning Point is to receive and disseminate emergency and nonemergency information to and from state partners, responders and local governments in a timely manner.

The State Warning Point operates 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. It receives and transmits notifications on a wide range of situations including impending weather (or other natural disaster) events, man-made or terrorist events, incidents at nuclear power plants, and transportation-related incidents.

The State Warning Point initiates missing child alerts known as Amber Alerts or Georgia's Levi's Call on behalf of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and receives reports of environmental incidents on behalf of Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Protection Division. Calls are also received and notifications desseminated on behalf of all Department of Natural Resources divisions. The State Warning Point coordinates with FEMA, The National Weather Service, Southern Nuclear, state agencies and Georgia's 159 counties. Additional communications capabilities for disasters are provided by FEMA, Civil Air Patrol and the Amateur Radio Relay League.