Although natural and man-made disasters can be devastating, the damage can be minimized if communities are prepared. And when it comes to emergencies, faith-based organizations like yours play an integral role in local readiness and recovery efforts.

As part of Praise & Preparedness, we encourage you to take steps to prepare your congregation before disaster strikes. Fostering awareness about potential hazards can save time, resources, money, and – most importantly – lives.

Interested in joining our Praise & Preparedness Partnership Program? Simply complete or update a facility emergency plan plus perform three (or more) of the actions below:

  • Create or update a facility emergency plan
  • Create a communications plan to contact congregants in the event of an emergency
  • Work with other local organizations to organize, sponsor or participate in an emergency preparedness fair
  • Conduct at least one evacuation drill each year or participate in at least one statewide drill, such as the tornado drill conducted during Severe Weather Awareness Week each February
  • Promote individual emergency preparedness to members, through a newsletter or other means

Once you have completed these actions, submit your  Download this pdf file. Praise & Preparedness checklist  to [email protected] or ATTN: Praise & Preparedness, P.O. Box 18055, Atlanta, GA 30316.

Join our Praise & Preparedness Partnership Program today and help reduce the impact of emergencies or disasters of any scale on your facility and your congregants – whether they are at home or in a house of worship.