Often times we walk into our houses of worship and go about our normal routines never thinking what would happen if a disaster were to strike at that exact moment. What would you do? Where would you go? We hope to help you answer these questions and more in this section about preparing your facility for any emergency that may possibly occur.

Here are things to keep in mind when you are preparing your house of worship for emergencies:

  • Download this pdf file. Having a plan is key. You may not go by the plan step by step in the event of an emergency, but at least you’re much closer to being prepared to handle anything that occurs.
  • Interruption insurance is important to have if you get hit by a disaster because it provides protection for your house of worship by providing funds that may not be able to be received from tithes and offerings due to damage to the building or the close of normal functioning of the house of worship.
  • Check in your area to see if there are non-profit CPAs that can help your house of worship with any financial inquiries you may have. These CPAs are able to provide more services with fewer resources. They cover everything from budgeting and financial report preparation to IRS audits and returns.
  • Connect with your local emergency management agency and local first responders and ask a representative to be part of your planning committee.