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Georgia is a beautiful place to make your home.

However, disasters and emergencies can occur.

Tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, chemical spills, and explosions are all examples of disasters that can happen.

You need to know what to do.

Make a Ready Kit,

Be Prepared,

Stay Informed.

Make a Ready Kit

First of all, the Ready Kit and what should be packed inside.

Georgia Emergency Management suggests that you pack:

A three-day supply of water and food, a first aid kit, any medicine you take daily, and a flashlight with extra batteries.

And don’t forget about your pet.

Pack food, water, medications, and an i.d. tag.

Specifically for the deaf: purchase a weather radio text display and a flashing alert, pack extra batteries for your hearing aid, pack a TTY, keep your laptop, ipad, iphone, and other communication devices charged and ready.

It is also advised to buy a car charger in case you need to use the car’s battery to make a call.

And of course don’t forget pen and paper in case you have to write to a hearing person in order to communicate.

These are the items that should be packed in your Ready Kit.

Make a Plan

We talked about the Ready Kit, now let’s talk about making the plan.

Everyone in your family or household should agree upon a meeting place so that no one is left searching for members.

If there is a forced evacuation and you must leave that area, you should have a secondary location agreed upon – a safe place.

Contact your local emergency office.

Let them know that you are deaf in case you may need special assistance.

Stay Informed

Now that we have discussed the Ready Kit and being prepared, let’s talk about staying informed.

First of all, your home should be equipped with a working smoke alarm.

It should have a sounding alert but it should also have a flashing device.

Second, be aware of your surroundings by watching the news on the television or the Internet.

In case of an electricity outage, you can purchase a small, battery-powered television.

Also, you can receive text messages.

Listed on this website is a link:

You can also download apps for your iPhone, iPad or other smart devices

Ready Georgia has an app that will alert you to any disasters or emergencies in your immediate area.

Having a Ready Kit, making a plan, and staying informed are crucial components of your safety plan in times of emergency.

You can keep your family safe and sound.

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