Video Transcript - Prepare Your Elderly Loved One For The Unexpected

Woman: “This is my brother Randy and I’m Beverly.”

Man: “She used to call me little brother, but not anymore.”

Woman: “Yeah, no, definitely not anymore.”

Woman: “When we were growing up, mom was always there for us. We knew we could always count on mom. About a month ago there was a flood, and mom wasn’t able to get a hold of Randy and I was a long way away.”

Man: “It really worried us when we couldn’t get in touch with anybody and we just weren’t sure what to do.”

Woman: “When something like that happens, you don’t have time to think about what to do. You need to think about that before it happens. There’s a wonderful Web site out there for anybody who wants to check it out, it’s”

Man: “We learned how to get prepared and prepare our Ready kit.”

Woman: “She’s got a list of her prescription medicines in there and the dosage she takes, an extra pair of eyeglasses and a water tight container that’s got her important papers.”

Man: “We’ve got a kit and we’ve got a plan.”

Woman: “And we stay informed. It’s very important to prepare your parents for an emergency. It just makes good sense.”

Man: “If you have seniors in your family, you need to help them prepare for an emergency.”

Woman: “Get your parent ready.”

Cameraman: “Which one’s the favorite?”

Woman: “Oh…”

Man: “She is.”

Woman: “Well, that’s what he says. Really he is.”

Man: “Yep, I’m the favorite.”

Woman: “Yeah, he is.” Laughs.