Video Transcript - Does Your Business Have A Plan?

CEO – in corner office, sitting behind desk: “If a disaster hits we’re ready. We have a business continuity plan in place. Diane in human resources can tell you all about it.”

Diane: “I am preparing a training seminar for all of our employees.”

General Employee – in kitchen: “Yeah, we have a disaster plan. If we need to evacuate we go to the building across the street.”

Diane: “I don’t think we’ve ever done that.”

General Employee- in kitchen: “If it’s really bad weather, we could just hunker down here I guess.”

Employee 2 IT: “There are systems in place so that most employees can telework.

Employee 3: “If a disaster hits we stop all shipments immediately. I’ll call the driver and let him know what’s going on. I’ve got all their phone numbers right here.”

Employee 2 IT: “I don’t know if everyone is fully set up to do it, but technologically here…”

Employee 3: “I didn’t realize there were so many.”