(ATLANTA) – The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, in partnership with the National Weather Service, recognizes March 11-15 as Flood Safety Preparedness Week. The week encourages all Georgians to act now to prepare for flooding before it happens.

“Individuals and families are left with little or no time to prepare or evacuate due to flooding happening at any time of the year,” GEMA/HS Director Chris Stallings said. “Early preparation for this event is vital in order to prevent severe impacts of flooding to life and property.”

In the last five years, nine large-scale flooding events made the list of 'Billion-Dollar Disasters' nationwide, not including an additional 17 flood-producing, landfalling tropical systems that made the list as well. Georgia alone has documented more than 780 flood reports, amounting to $12.8 million dollars in damage to homes and infrastructure.

Flood Safety Preparedness Week showcases a new tip each day to inform you and your family on flooding hazards, safety, and preparation. FSPW highlights the risks of flooding in the state each day and provides an opportunity for residents to learn how to take proper safety precautions.

  • Monday, March 11 – Flood Safety, Preparedness, and Awareness: Make a plan, build a ready kit and communicate with your household and community so you’re prepared in case of a flood.
  • Tuesday, March 12 – Turn Around, Don't Drown: Never attempt to drive through floodwaters. Two feet of moving water can carry away a full-sized car.
  • Wednesday, March 13 – Flood Hazards: Stay out of floodwaters if possible. The water can be contaminated or electrically charged. However, if your car stalls in rapidly rising waters, leave the vehicle and seek higher ground.
  • Thursday, March 14 – NWS Water Resources and Services: Try to prepare for the next flood event now. Understand the products and services the National Weather Service (NWS) provides to alert you of changing river and weather conditions and use tips and resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help make a plan!
  • Friday, March 15 – Partners and Partner Services: Get ahead of the next disaster by knowing all the important players before, during and after floods -- including flood insurance. Many homeowner's policies don't cover floods. Be financially ready for a flood event by visiting fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program and remember, flood insurance takes 30 days to take effect!

In addition to these topics, the NWS will also provide additional focus on the new NWS National Weather Prediction Service (NWPS) website that will be replacing the current Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service currently in use.  The official NWPS is expected to roll out March 27, 2024.

For more information and resources visit gema.georgia.gov/plan-prepare/ready-georgia and follow @GeorgiaEMAHS on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for preparedness tips and emergency information.


As part of the Office of the Governor, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency collaborates with local, state and federal governments in partnership with private sector and non-governmental organizations to protect life and property against man-made and natural emergencies. GEMA/HS’s Ready Georgia website and preparedness campaign provides Georgians with the knowledge needed to effectively prepare for disasters. Go to gema.georgia.gov/plan-prepare/ready-georgia for information on developing a custom emergency plan and Ready kit.