(ATLANTA) – The Georgia Emergency Communications Authority (GECA) in partnership with the Georgia Office of EMS and Trauma is encouraging Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) communications officers to ask callers specific questions related to COVID-19 if the disease is suspected and relay the information to emergency responders prior to dispatch.

The questions, defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are essential to ensuring that the EMS, fire and law enforcement personnel have the necessary information to properly prepare their response prior to responding.

“We want emergency personnel to be able to do their jobs efficiently and safely,” said GECA Executive Director Michael Nix. “If communications officers ask the recommended questions and provide the answers to emergency responders prior to arrival on scene, they can take precautions to ensure the safety of the responders and the public.”

GECA also shared the Emerging Infectious Disease Surveillance (EIDS) tool from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch for PSAPs to assist in creating a standardized questioning process. EMS guidelines concerning COVID-19 can be found here and guidance on evaluating and reporting persons under investigation can be found here.

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