Critical Infrastructure & Key Resources

The mission of the Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources Unit (CIKR) is to facilitate the protection of life and property against manmade incidents by directing the State’s efforts in the areas of prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. A combination of programs are implemented and managed by CIKR to achieve the goals established by the Unit that work together to accomplish the mission.

These include:

  • CIKR Protection, Security and Resiliency
  • Training & Exercises
  • Information Sharing

The Infrastructure Protection Gateway (IP Gateway) serves as the single interface through which homeland security partners can access a large range of integrated infrastructure protection tools and information to conduct comprehensive vulnerability assessments and risk analysis. This, in turn, enables homeland security partners to quickly identify relevant vulnerability and consequence data in support of event planning, incident preparedness, and response efforts. CIKR uses IP Gateway various data collection, analysis, and response tools to infrastructure protection tools and datasets by leveraging a single user registration, management, and authentication process.

Highlights of the IP Gateway include the ability to access:

  • A selection of physical and cyber vulnerability assessment and security survey capabilities.
  • A suite of critical infrastructure information, including assessments, analytical products and reports.
  • Itegrated data visualization and mapping applications to support complex data analysis.
  • An array of tools to support critical infrastructure planning and analysis, including a robust data search capability.

Using IP Gateway, CIKR conducts surveys and assessments of various critical infrastructure and key resource locations throughout the State. Each facility is provided with a detailed summary and comparison product called a Dash Board for their use. CIKR also will produce a Surveillance Detection Plan and Protective Action Plan upon request.


Warren Shepard

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