School Safety Hot Topics

National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month! We encourage all schools, families, and individuals to prepare for disaster by having a plan in place to deal with emergency situations. Everyone should have a preparedness kit with a three day supply of food and water and other immediate needs in case of a major disaster. If you have any questions about National Preparedness Month, please feel free to contact your local EMA Director or the GEMA/HS School Safety Unit for additional information.

GHSA Athletic Events Planning Initiative

The Georgia High School Association recently passed Bylaw 2.21. This bylaw puts into place a requirement for all after school athletic activities to have an emergency action plan. This includes both practices and games. After meeting with the GHSA, the GEMA/HS School Safety unit is available to assist schools with this initiative. If you have any questions, please contact the GHSA or your Area School Safety Coordinator for assistance.

School Safety Tip Line

The Georgia Department of Education in conjunction with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation operates a statewide 24-hour toll-free school safety hot line. The hot line was established in 1998 and gives students, teachers, parents and others a way to report threats and other school crimes both easily and anonymously. Georgia's 24-hour school safety hot line number is 1-877-SAY-STOP (1-877-729-7867).

FY 2023 NIMS Training for K-12 Schools


Homeland Security Coordinator

To request additional information on school safety or trainings, please contact your local Homeland Security Coordinator by contacting GEMA at the following email.


Below is a copy of the NIMS (National Incident Management System) Recommendations as set forth by the United States Department of Education. Most of these classes are available through both your local EMA Director and GEMA/HS School Safety Coordinator. Please feel free to contact your Area School Safety Coordinator with any questions.
Download this pdf file. NIMS Key Personnel Training

School Safety Laws

Georgia Law regarding school campuses range from emergency planning requirements to the possession of a weapon within the school safety zone. The following handout is only a brief description of laws addressing incidents within the school community.
Download this pdf file. School Safety Laws