(ATLANTA) – The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) is pleased to announce the opening of the application period for the State of Georgia Gang Activity Prosecution (GAP) Grant.  The State of Georgia set aside $1,250,000 in funds from the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024 state budget for a competitive grant to facilitate gang activity prosecutions in the state. 

The FY 2024 GAP Grant will be open for applications between 27 September and 18 October 2023 with award decisions announced on 3 November 2023. Eligible applicants for the GAP grant are State of Georgia law enforcement agencies, prosecuting attorneys, or nonprofits primarily focused on gang prosecutions. Examples of eligible entities are State Agencies, Judicial District/Circuits, County Sheriffs, and Police Departments.

The purpose of the FY 2024 Georgia Gang Activity Prosecution Grant program is to support state and local efforts to prosecute gang-related activity. Successful applicants must clearly identify and explain how their project will assist in creating safer communities by prosecuting gang activity.  The program is based on risk-driven, capabilities-based strategic plans that outline high-priority needs relating to gang activity prosecution. For these plans to be effective, government officials and elected leaders, working with the whole community, must consider how to sustain current capability levels, while also addressing potential gaps.

Successful applicants must show a commitment to and, ideally, a track record of, successful prosecutions of gang activity. Favorable consideration will be given to counties with both prosecutors and law enforcement applying in tandem or in support of one another, as they are more likely to result in successful prosecutions. Consideration will be provided to counties with existing gang activity prosecution programs.  State agencies and nonprofits must articulate how their work will result in prosecutions.

Cost-share or match is not currently required for the FY2024 GAP. The period of performance will be from 9 November 2023 to 15 May 2024.

Applications will only be accepted by email. Please email your completed application to [email protected]. GEMA/HS is the state Administrative Authority for this program. Applicants needing grant support should contact the GEMA/HS Preparedness Grants Department at (404) 635-7095, or by email at [email protected]


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