(ATLANTA) – The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency, in partnership with the National Weather Service and the Georgia Department of Transportation, is gearing up for Winter Weather Preparedness Week on Dec. 6-10. In preparation for inclement weather, Georgians will be encouraged to learn about winter weather threats, review or create a family communications plan and consider what items are best for their Ready kits.

“Georgia is entering a season where we have to be ready ahead of time for frost, snow and ice,” said GEMA/HS Director Chris Stallings. “That’s why participating in WWPW is a chance for our residents to prepare and educate themselves on what to do before, during and after a potential winter storm event.”

Winter Weather Preparedness Week is designed to raise awareness of winter weather hazards and reinforce understanding of winter weather terminology. GEMA/HS will distribute winter weather preparedness information via social media channels and provide toolkits to local emergency management directors for sharing this information in their counties all weeklong during the WWPW campaign.

Each day of the campaign will address the following topics:

Monday, Dec. 6: Winter Weather in Georgia – learn about winter weather hazards that can impact the state of Georgia


Tuesday, Dec. 7: Winter Weather Terminologylearn about winter weather "alerts" (watches, warnings and advisories) and what they mean


Wednesday, Dec. 8: Winter Weather Preparation Tipslearn how to best prepare for winter weather events, and put together a "Ready Kit" while making a plan before winter weather strikes


Thursday, Dec. 9: Winter Weather Driving Tips/Safety -- learn "best practices" for driving (if necessary) in winter weather conditions and how to pack a mobile "Ready Kit"


Friday, Dec. 10: Winter Weather Outlook for 2021-22 season -- resources for learning where and how to stay informed of weather forecasts.


Georgians are encouraged to visit gema.georgia.gov/plan-prepare/ready-georgia for more information on winter weather and preparedness tips on natural and manmade disasters.



As part of the Office of the Governor, the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency collaborates with local, state and federal governments in partnership with private sector and non-governmental organizations to protect life and property against man-made and natural emergencies. GEMA/HS’s Ready Georgia website and preparedness campaign provides Georgians with the knowledge needed to effectively prepare for disasters. Go to gema.georgia.gov/plan-prepare/ready-georgia for information on developing a custom emergency plan a