Checklists and Handouts

Checklists & Handouts

The following one-page checklists and tip sheets are available upon request from the Georgia Emergency Management Agency's School Safety Unit. Please contact your School Safety Coordinator in order to request any of the following handouts. If outside the state of Georgia, please e-mail with your request.



· AED Information for Schools
· Anniversary Dates of Violent School Incidents
· Athletic Event Safety
· Available School Safety Handouts
· Bomb Threat Assessment Questionnaire
· Classroom Safety Tips
· Computer Safety Suggestions
· Crime Prevention and Safety Tips
· Crisis Communication Checklist for Schools
· Earthquake Procedures for Education Facilities
· Education Facility Emergency Status Card System
· Education Facility Floor Plan Checklist
· Education Facility Site Plan Checklist
· Elevator Safety for Education Facilities
· Emergency Evacuation Kits for Education Facilities
· Emergency Evacuation Kits for Special Needs Students
· Family Reunification During a School Crisis Situation
· Field Trip Safety
· Georgia’s School Safety Law (OCGA 20-2-1185)
· Georgia Legal Statutes Relating to Schools
· Go Kits

· Home Visit Safety
· Library and Media Center Safety
· Lightning Safety
· Lockdown Procedures
· Mobile & Modular Unit Safety Suggestions
· New or Renovated School Pre-opening Suggestions
· Responding to School Bomb Threats
· Safety Suggestions for After Hours School Facility Usage
· School Bus Emergency Kit Suggestions
· School Bus Safety
· School Cafeteria Safety
· School District Office Safety
· Schools as Polling Places Safety and Security Tips
· Severe Weather Safety for School Bus Drivers
· Severe Weather Sheltering Recommendations
· Sheltering Procedures for Hazardous Material Incidents
· Tornado Safety Tips

The purpose of these checklists are to be used as an enhancement to safety planning for schools within your community. The use of these recommendations does not ensure complete security.