Grant Forms and Resources​

Completed Payment Request (Form Exhibit E) with support, completed Budget Adjustment Request and Completed Extension Request Forms should be emailed to the following address:

Homeland Security Grant Program & Nonprofit Security Grant Program

State Homeland Security Program / Urban Area Security Initiative

​Payment Request Form (Exhibit E)

​​Payment Request Forms: Payments to the subrecipients will be made only upon presentation of the approved Payment Request Form (Exhibit E). Reimbursements from invoices and applicable pr​oof of payment (or other justifying documentation) will only be made for eligible equipment, materials, expenses and costs upon approval of the Grants Manager. Omission of pertinent documentation will constitute justification for non-payment of any amounts submitted on the Payment Request Forms.

​Quarterly Financial Status Report​

Quarterly Financial Status Report: The disposition of grant funds, including all obligations and expenditures, must be reported to GEMA/HS on a quarterly basis through the FSR, which is due within 30 days of the end of each calendar quarter.

The following reporting periods and due dates apply:

  • First Quarter: October 1-December 31
    • Due January 31
  • Second Quarter: January 1-March 31
    • Due April 30
  • Third Quarter: April 1-June 30
    • Due July 31
  • ​Fourth Quarter: July 1-September 30
    • Due October 31

Budget Adjustment Form

Budget Adjustments submited to prevent overspending a budget line item (requires GEMA/HS approval)​.

Extension Request Form

Tangible Property Report

Order Receipt Acknowledgement Form​

Risk Assessment Survey​

Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness